Black Morphsuit Costume Ideas for Halloween

30th Jun 2017

Black Morphsuit Costume Ideas for Halloween

Black Morphsuit Costume Ideas for Halloween

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It’s the second week in October which means that Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to dress up in a spooky costume and scare everyone around. Halloween Morphsuits are becoming more and more popular each year; as these all-in-one Lycra jumpsuits make it easy to look terrifying. No need for make up and hours of preparation as you can unzip the suit and literally jump in. Morphsuits has a huge range of designs but before you buy, take a look at these awesome Black Morphsuit costume ideas for Halloween. They are all simple to create with a black morphsuit, a few accessories and some will power. Get inspired now and stand out at Halloween.


Zombies have been a fixture of folklore for years but have sprung back to popularity in recent years and are now one of the most popular Halloween costumes for adults, kids, and adults who think they are still a kid. It’s not every day that you get to dress up as an extra from The Walking Dead and roam around the streets looking half dead whilst scaring everyone around. With more zombie walks and zombie runs than killers in a horror film, we can see why these guys are so popular.

Zombie Morphsuit Costume Ideas

To create a Zombie fancy dress costume, take an old white t-shirt that you are happy to Zombify (verb – to transform into a Zombie) with fake blood. We bought a white t-shirt from Primark for £2 and created blood wounds to the chest and side by applying fake blood. We figured that if we were going to survive a Zombie apocalypse then this is exactly how we would look afterwards. After the fake blood design has dried pull on the t-shirt over the black Morphsuit and you are good to go. Add a plastic knife and perfect your zombie stroll to complete the scary zombie look.This look can be created for adults and kids and you can use any colour t-shirt.

Slendertux aka Slenderman in a Tux

Slenderman is the fictional character who nobody really likes to meet by night. He’s an unnaturally tall man with a featureless face, who wears a suit and stalks his victims down dark streets! He started life in the 2000’s as an internet virus and has now become a Halloween icon! We created our own version of Slenderman in a tux and named him Slender-tux because even Slenderman makes a special effort getting dressed up for Halloween.

To create slender-tux start off with a black Morphsuit and then add black tie. By that we mean, a smart white shirt, a black bow tie and a black DJ (Dinner Jacket). That’s all you really need because the Black Morphsuit does all the hard work. Add a white morph mask if you want to take the Slender Tux look to the next level and remember to keep a solemn expression.

Slenderman Morphsuit Ideas

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is the last person you want to meet on Halloween. He’s the guy that waits in the grave yard collecting souls with a well-practiced strike of his scythe. Why have humans made the Grim Reaper so grim? Who cares, he’s an awesome character to be at Halloween and can easily be created using a black Morphsuit.

Grim Reaper Costume Ideas

Take a long black cloak preferably with an over-sized hood and cut the bottom and the sleeves in a jagged design. Don’t buy an expensive cape for this look, as you are simply going to hack away at the bottom; the more jagged it is, the better the look. Using left over material that you have cut off the bottom create a belt to tie around the waist. Wear over a Black Morphsuit and grab a scythe. The best part is that the Morphsuit leaves you with a truly spooky, featureless face.

Gruesome Gangster

Be the Godfather of Halloween and be a Gruesome Gangster complete with a dangerous inflatable gun! Gangsters aren’t typically associated with Halloween but then we started thinking about Great Gatsby versus Zombie Apocalypse and we think it might just be the next blockbuster to succeed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Zombie Gangster Costume Ideas

To create a Gruesome Gangster dig out that old pinstripe suit jacket, that you used to wear to the office until it became too unfashionable, add an old white shirt that you are happy to cover in fake blood and buy an Al Capone-esque Black Gangster hat. Dab on a little Old Spice aftershave (which all Gansgters wear), inflate your tommy gun and prepare to take to the streets Al Pacino style.

Wicked Witch

A haggled old witch might not sound like someone you want to look like but when it comes to Halloween it’s a great excuse to show off your figure and flaunt some serious leg. Witches these days are a far cry from the crony oldies with pointy noses covered in warts. Instead they have reinvented themselves as a very appealing Halloween character, who enjoy consuming poison (alcohol).

Witch Morphsuit Costume Ideas

We created a purple witch, as wicked witches are often green and we wanted to be a little bit different. Plus, it was a perfect excuse to break open our futuristic purple wig which hasn’t been worn since Bestival… which was erm… months and months ago. Buy a pair of stripe witch tights and add a black tutu which acts as a skirt protecting your modesty. Add the all-important bright wig, a witch hat and a cauldron; as handbags are so last season.

If you are running out of time for for being inventive this Halloween. Check out our full Halloween Morphsuits range.

Finally, don't be afraid to comment on our blog. If you have got any ideas on how to transform a black Morphsuit into a scary Halloween outfits, we would be interested to hear your ideas.