Kigurumi Kristmas

30th Jun 2017

Kigurumi Kristmas

Kigurumi Kristmas

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Christmas is all about dressing up and dressing down. Its the norm dressing up for Christmas parties, dinner with friends, and nights out and then dressing down and relaxing in a pair of Pyjamas and a comfy pair of slippers in front of a Christmas movie.

Kigurumis or animal onesies are the perfect attire for Christmas as they are super comfy all-in-ones that are just what you need when its cold outside and you want to stay warm. In Japan Kigurumis are popular as pyjamas and when we tried some earlier this month we can see why. They are warm, lose fitting and snugly which makes them super comfortable to sleep in and they are ideal for lounging around in the next day. We spend most of Christmas morning in our PJ’s opening presents and lounging around until we get dressed up for Christmas lunch with the family so a Christmas kigu is a must. We've picked our favorite festive onesies that are perfect for Kigurumi Kristmas.

The Reindeer Kigurumi

It wouldn’t be possible for Santa to tour the globe handing out presents to all the children without the help of his friendly reindeers. The Reindeer Onesie is perfect for any Santa helpers this year and is available right now for delivery before Christmas in the UK. It features a bright red nose, little antler horns and over sized animated eyes.

Reindeer Onesie

Penguin Kigurumi

The Penguin Kigurumi is one of our best-selling onesies for Christmas and ski trips in the New Year. Ever since Monte the Penguin made his stellar performance in the John Lewis adverts, Penguin onesies have remained as firm favorites for Winter. They look great playing in the snow over Christmas and on ski trips as how often do you get to see a colony or rookery of penguins skiing off piste.

Penguin Onesie

Unicorn Kigurumi

Christmas is a magical time of the year and Unicorn onesies remain a firm favorite for many of our customers. There are super soft, have a magical furry mane and tail and have a stand up unicorn horn which we can only imagine improves their ability to fly through the starry night sky. Available in three different colors and in adults and kids sizes.

Unicorn Onesies

Panda Kigurumi

The Panda kigurumi is a beautiful white and black, super soft kigurumi that is ideal for Christmas in the snow. Pandas are friendly creates who often live in large groups along with friends and family. The Panda Kigu is perfect for another family member of a caring friend and the best part is that it facilitates Panda Hugs which are the best kind of hugs. Even seen pictures of little pandas hugging each other - well that's panda hugs.

Panda Onesie

Guinea Pig Kigurumi

Guinea Pigs are adorable family pets who always come in pairs. I can remember as a kid having a rabbit and guinea pig who were the best of friends. Grab one of these Guinea Pig Onesies for your best friend or partner and enjoy dressed down nights in on the sofa watching Netflix or Sky Movies munching on popcorn.

Guinea Pig Onesie

Sloth Kigurumi

Ever heard of the saying 'Merry Slothmas'? It translates to have a chilled out Christmas and it comes from the fact that sloths are just lazy creatures who enjoy relaxing and chilling out all the time. In fact a sloth might miss Christmas as they sleep for over 15 hours a day. None the less the Sloth Onesie is perfect for a chilled out teen who enjoys relaxing perhaps a little too much.

Sloth Onesie